“We heard about Myndflex from a fellow student’s parent of my son.  Myndflex is a happy place. My son looks forward to going to Myndflex.That tells a lot about this program. My son has been introduced to activities which encourage him to focus and work on the job at hand. He is now interested in playing board games which challenge his thinking. The program allots enough time to both playing and learning activities. Kids learn while they are playing.
The strength of Myndflex lies in its faculty. The teachers have always brought to my attention any issues or changes in behavior of my child. They tailor their approach in working with the child depending on the child’s personality. They are neither pushy nor relaxed when it comes to academics, striking a right balance. At the end of the day, I trust Myndflex and feel confident that my child is in good hands.
He has become more responsible and has learnt to account for his time to complete the given tasks on time. The (program offers) proper balance between academia and play. He enjoys the activities that stimulate his critical thinking.
I would definitely recommend the program to the other parents. Keep up the good work!”
N. Mishra and N.Thota, Parents

“This is a letter of reference for Myndflex, an after school program here at Ardenwood School. This program has shared a partnership with Ardenwood for several years now and has been quite successful. The program provides quality after-school child care as well as homework assistance for our students. The students in this program generally do well academically because they have receive instruction and guidance on daily homework and concepts. The child care providers have proven to be responsible and profession, as the parents come back year after year. The program is well structured and students get to play outdoors for fresh air, and exercise in addition to eating  a snack. After homework is completed, students are allowed to play indoors. I have been grateful for this program as it provides a safe environment for my students, and it allows the parents the security of knowing that their children are in a safe place.”

Jennifer Casey, Ardenwood Elementary School Principal


“Myndflex is so much more than just an after school program. The program has a very good balance between homework support, academic enhancement, social development and fun time for kids. It is truly very well thought out and implemented. It is easy to talk to the teachers about your child’s progress. Teachers also keep you well informed on how your child is doing and where the child needs improvement. This is a very unique program and I highly recommend Myndflex.”

Arpan Dalal, Parent

“Myndflex is a real nice after school program and my daughter has immensely benefited from it over the past few months. The Myndflex team has designed the right mix of high-quality social and academic activities to educate, entertain and engage the kids without over burdening them. We highly recommend Myndflex!!”

Chandar Pattabhiram, parent

My husband was happy to check out Myndflex last night, since he finally had some time away from work. To your credit, your teachers and other students, [my son] has finally won a chess game against me! He said that there are several “chess-masters” at Myndflex and he’s catching on quickly and competitively. It’s so wonderful to see the results of your program, so I thought I’d share this with you as I’m very grateful.