Amita Kshirsagar

My name is Amita Kshirsagar and I teach 3rd grade at Myndflex, in addition to being the Site Director. I have been a part of the Myndflex team since 2013. I would describe myself as a reliable, dedicated person who is enthusiastic about her job and genuinely enjoys helping kids learn, raise their confidence level and their self-esteem.

What I bring to Myndflex is a positive attitude, willingness to teach and learn, and the ability to understand that each child is different, each child has some strengths and each child has potential. The best part of my time with the kids is the entire time they are with me! I enjoy teaching them, learning with them, discussing with them, arguing with them and being silly with them!

As a teacher, I enjoy helping kids learn, and their smiles as they accomplish different tasks, is my greatest reward! I also learn a lot from them as I teach them, listen to them, resolve their conflicts and issues, and guide them to make good choices. They help me become a better person. Much as academics is a critical aspect of our program, I really think that our program is very well rounded as we balance all aspects of child development.