We at Myndflex truly believe that social and emotional learning is a vital component in a child’s growth and personal development and paves the way for success even in later life. With this in mind, the Myndflex SEL curriculum will reinforce skills and attitudes that are needed for socially and emotionally competent children.  Our collaborative activities and creative games aim at reinforcing the ABCs of social-emotional learning: Self awareness and self management (I AM), Social awareness and interpersonal skills (I BELONG), and supporting a growth mindset and self efficacy (I CAN).

Our hope is that when children go through our program, they learn not just academic skills but more importantly the ability to manage their conflicts and stress, the ability to regulate their impulses and develop positive emotions. This in turn will boost their relationships be it with their peers at Myndflex, at school, home or the community at large. These positive emotions and relationships will help our students become active and engaged learners!


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