Academic Support and Enrichment

The main objective of the MyndFlex Academic Support and Enrichment program is to enable students to work independently on their homework with attention, focus and slowly but surely in a time conscious manner. Our experienced and enthusiastic staff are readily available to assist students and we constantly reinforce the importance of penmanship, grammar/punctuation, spelling and overall appearance of the homework as well.

We also provide additional reinforcement of academic concepts taught at school in the areas of Reading, Language Arts/Grammar, and Math.

In addition to homework support and academic enrichment, students are encouraged to join our Critical Reading and Writing programs offered throughout the year.


Reading Comprehension Grades 3-4

This course is designed to help 3rd and 4th graders begin to develop the art of making connections in their reading. The students will learn how to become effective readers by learning to summarize, foreshadow upcoming plot development, question a character’s actions, use strategies to comprehend a story’s meaning, and at the same time, learn to eliminate unnecessary details. The students will be using a variety of short stories to help strengthen their reading skills.

 Reading Comprehension Grades 5-6

This class is designed to address concerns parents are expressing about the Common Core standards. Using professional material the Reading Comprehension/Critical Reading class will focus on guiding students on becoming involved readers and test taking strategies. Each student will take a Pre Test and conclude the class with a Post Test. Included in the class are the following: identifying the main idea, scanning for details, decoding vocabulary, reading actively, and understanding fiction and nonfiction selections, taking notes, making rough outlines, and using graphing organizers and charts. This course will provide students with techniques and practices to help strengthen their comprehension skills.

Highlights of the Program

  • Homework is seen as an important learning component and an extension of the classroom
  • Students are expected to complete their homework with focus, attention to detail and in a timely manner
  • Students who are struggling academically are ‘re-taught’ concepts by enthusiastic and capable tutors
  • Academic enrichment provided in Math, Reading Comprehension, Language Arts and Writing
  • Hands-on learning in Science provided by other educational non-profit organizations such as MOAH and Science for Youth
  • Workshops