The backbone of our program is our enthusiastic team. From our board of directors to our homework support staff, Team Myndflex is united by our passion for strong academic support and development of the whole child.

Jasneet Kaur Matta

I am excited to be a part of the Myndflex team this year. I have MSIT Degree from Mumbai University (India) and have a few years of teaching experience with college students in IT.  I would describe myself as a kind, affectionate, calm, reliable and a dedicated person.

I have a positive attitude, the willingness to teach and learn. I enjoy greeting the children and listening to them talk about their day at school the most. As a teacher, I enjoy watching kids learn and grow academically, and socially, and gain more self-confidence through encouragement. At the end of the day seeing a smile on their faces is the most rewarding part of my work.

Interests and passions are teaching, jogging, hiking, helping others, sharing knowledge and learning new things.

Nancy Covarrubias

 I am a recent graduate of the University of California Santa Cruz. I have a bachelor‘s degree in Literature and a minor in Latin American Latino Studies. My experience with teaching and working with children ranges from tutoring for the Newark Unified School district, to teaching Art classes for Galileo Summer camps. Some of my hobbies include craftsart, and Disneyland. I am looking forward to a great year with Myndflex and the students as well!

Amita Kshirsagar Site Director

My name is Amita Kshirsagar and I teach 3rd grade at Myndflex, in addition to being the Site Director. I have been a part of the Myndflex team since 2013. I would describe myself as a reliable, dedicated person who is enthusiastic about her job and genuinely enjoys helping kids learn, raise their confidence level and their self-esteem.

What I bring to Myndflex is a positive attitude, willingness to teach and learn, and the ability to understand that each child is different, each child has some strengths and each child has potential. The best part of my time with the kids is the entire time they are with me! I enjoy teaching them, learning with them, discussing with them, arguing with them and being silly with them!

As a teacher, I enjoy helping kids learn, and their smiles as they accomplish different tasks, is my greatest reward! I also learn a lot from them as I teach them, listen to them, resolve their conflicts and issues, and guide them to make good choices. They help me become a better person. Much as academics is a critical aspect of our program, I really think that our program is very well rounded as we balance all aspects of child development.

Sangeeta Kedia Founder/Director

Sangeeta Kedia specializes in business management, logistics & operations, finance and accounting. She believes in operating a “Business with a Heart”. A lesson learnt in her childhood and from an inspirational book by author Lee Iacocca- “Doing well by doing Good”. Sangeeta has earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and Economics from University of Mumbai, India. (Major in Business Management, Economics and Accounting). She pursued a career in Fashion Merchandising after gaining her Fashion Designing degree from Sophia Poly-technical College, India. Later, she also acquired advanced refresher courses in economics, business management, payroll and accounting from Chabot College, CA. to return to her old career path.

Sangeeta currently runs the ‘business’ aspect of the operations in areas of parent communication, onsite operations and logistics, business management, accounting, human resources and works collaboratively and closely with the academic enrichment, home-work support and expanded learning programs at MyndFlex.

She envisions MyndFlex to be an organization of a new kind of philosophy called “common-good capitalism,” working to keep alive its mission and goals to bring a positive difference, particularly in the lives of children.

She has two boys ages 19 years and 16 years who have been her inspiration and drive to stay connected with children.

Her other interests and passions are marathon running, hiking, camping, dancing, cooking, reading and fine arts.

Savita Prakash Founder / Director

Savita Prakash specializes in literature, literary analysis, grammar, and writing. She believes in the power of language, both spoken and written, and seeks to motivate students towards discovering the joys of learning through reading.

Savita graduated from the University of Southern California (USC) where she received her MS in International Relations and Public Administration. She has a Masters in Social Work and Personnel Management from India. After working in the Media industry for a few years, she “accidentally” got into teaching, and from then on, there has been no looking back. She is also a certified Technical Writer (a skill she has never used!).

Savita is currently involved in the Expanded Learning program at MyndFlex, initiating student-centered and engaging activities that complement learning in the regular school day. She seeks to actively promote non-cognitive (soft skills) such as social-emotional learning and character building as part of the overall student learning.

Meenakshi Umesh Tutor

My name Meenakshi Umesh (Meena). I have been volunteering at elementary schools for the past fourteen years where I helped with the reading programs and math clubs. I love working with smaller kids and enjoy each and every minute of their innocence.

I would describe myself as a detail oriented person, perfectionist, dedicated and reliable person.

Aside from teaching, my biggest hobby includes costume designing and shopping. I am a Fremont resident for the past 25 years and currently living with my husband and two kids.

I have been working with Myndflex as a tutor and staff member since 2011, and it has become my second home. Myndflex has taught me perseverance, patience and confidence.