Myndflex provides homework support and social-emotional multicultural education.

The homework support program aims to enable students to work independently on their homework with attention, focus, and efficiency. Our experienced and enthusiastic staff are readily available to assist students and we constantly reinforce the importance of penmanship, grammar/punctuation, spelling and overall appearance of the homework as well.

Our Grade 1-6 enrichment curriculum is updated to align with Common Core standards. Students will review and learn grade level academic concepts via real life hands-on activities that require problem solving abilities, communication, and learning to work as a team member. All activities will be guided by a teacher, with some paper-pencil tasks. Children will benefit by honing their school skills in a fun manner. Indoor and outdoor play time will also be included in the choices offered after school.

In addition to homework support and academic enrichment, we aim to develop students’ social-emotional intelligence and multicultural awareness via a variety of games and activities.