Our Grade 1-6 Enrichment Curriculum is updated to align with the Common Core Standards. Students review and learn grade level academic concepts via real life hands-on activities that require problem solving, communication, and learning to work as a team member. All enrichment activities are guided by a teacher, with some paper-pencil tasks. Children benefit by honing their school skills in a fun manner. Indoor and outdoor play time is also included in the choices offered after school.

The Myndflex Enrichment is based on hands-on activities on a wide range of topics . Teachers follow a pre-set enrichment activity Monday through Thursdays, after supervised homework time. The subjects range from hands-on math, mathematical puzzles, reading comprehension, vocabulary development, writing, and art. Myndflex also provides opportunities for students to play board and building games. This is a time for kids to decompress, unwind, and discuss new topics. It is a time when making a mistake is okay, because we learn from it and move on. The students eagerly wait for the fun way to learn!