3rd Grade

School Homework is completed independently by students and supervised by a teacher. In addition, here are sample activities that kids enjoy at Myndflex


Enrichment Social-Emotional Learning Art & Science
Math – Multiplication

Word problems are read out to the students, step-by-step. They solve each step on individual white boards.

Warm-Ups/ Ice-Breakers

Dance your name, Slow motion emotion, Freeze dance

By wrapping colorful yarn around twigs, children created native-american inspired “Talking Sticks”.
Vocabulary Development

Children were shown a picture of Hero the dog, and asked to build a story in 4 sentences by answering a few questions, and using their perception and imagination.

Recognizing Positive Qualities

Students wrote positive qualities about friends and read them aloud.

Hands on Science: Refraction of Light

An experiment was conducted by passing light through different liquids.Students observed the light and discussed their ideas.


Christmas Bingo: A bingo board filled with Christmas related words were used to play the game.

Workshop with Jim Hall

Jim Hall from the Museum of American Heritage came with interactive  ‘toys’ from the pre-transistor technology and the impact they had on society.

Corn Husk Dolls and Paper Turkeys

As part of our Thanksgiving activities, each child followed step-by-step directions to make colorful paper turkeys and corn-husk dolls to take them home!