4th-6th grade

Sample fourth-sixth grade activities
Enrichment Social-Emotional Learning Art & Science
Word Scramble

A big group participated and helped each other form words collaboratively!

Create a Country

Students were divided into groups and told that they had just discovered an uninhabited island. The task was to create a country with all branches of government.

Corn Husk Dolls and Paper Turkeys

As part of our Thanksgiving activities, each child followed step-by-step directions to make colorful paper turkeys and corn-husk dolls to take them home!

Social Studies – Jeopardy!

Students played the game “Jeopardy” with states and capitals. All time favorite!

Ten seconds – Creative Coloring

A game facilitating teamwork, creating a positive atmosphere and raising self-esteem.

Fancy Footwork

The “scientists” were asked to pair up and perform tasks. Each scientist  took a turn while the other wrote down the results. The question was: Is it possible to do two simple tasks at the same time?

Reading Comprehension

Students read short passages and were asked to identify the author’s purpose and provide a title.

How can you say it clearly?

The goal was to enable effective communication by saying what we mean and meaning what we say. Students performed short skits about real life scenarios.

Diwali diyas – kids decorated clay lamps with glitter to use during the festival of lights.

Cartooning – students followed step-by-step instructions to draw a butterfly.