1st Grade

The Homework packet from school is completed Monday – Thursday in installments, supervised by a teacher. Here is a snapshot of the types of extra activities that the children enjoy at Myndflex.


Enrichment Social Emotional Learning Art & Science
Vocabulary Development – Feelie Bag

Students described everyday objects placed in a bag (comb, fridge-magnet etc.,). Using clues, the other students guess what the object is.

Listening Skills – Mystery Object

This activity is designed to develop listening skills. Each student was asked to select an object in a room and then talk about it with a partner.

Hands on Science: Refraction of Light

An experiment was conducted by passing light through different liquids. Students observed the light and discussed their ideas.

Math: Time

Students formed a human clock face. Each student solved time problem and showed the answer using both arms.

Group Agreements

Students discussed group agreements and came up with a set of rules for Myndflex.

Group Coloring

The children colored a mega coloring page of a monster truck as a group. They added details as they saw fit.


Kinder: Students read “Bob” books and answered oral questions.

1st Graders read “Counting with Barefoot Critters”. They discussed the  map in the book and counted the critters.

Ten seconds – Creative Coloring

A game facilitating teamwork, creating a positive atmosphere and raising self-esteem.

Who’s Hues?

Children colored areas according to the letters R= Red, G=Green, B = Blue, P = Brown

The emerging picture took them by surprise! It was a dragon!