Wednesday’s- Academic Enrichment Activities-  All Grades (Myndflex Team)

10/16-Hardships,Courage & Creativity- The book -The Boy who Harnessed the Wind- is about an impoverished young boy in Malawi, Africa who finds a way to help himself and his community by harnessing the power of the wind. By using discarded materials that were wasted, he went on to build a windmill that ultimately brought the 2 luxuries that people in his village were desperate for: running water and electricity. Students discussed the book, the imagery created by the words and talked about what hardships could do to people. Some people under adverse conditions give up but some others like the author of this book, gather their courage and never stop believing in themselves. The children enjoyed the story and went on to make pinwheels using paper and straw!


10/23-Diwali Lanterns

The children made beautiful lanterns with colored construction paper to celebrate the festival of lights- Diwali! The teachers and students were equally enthralled and excited with the end product! In room 6 (grades 1-3), we also discussed the significance of Diwali, the special traditions we each have in our families, and how we choose to celebrate this universally loved festival. The children were excited to share what they knew and participated in the discussion with great enthusiasm.

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10/29-Buzzy Bees

This Wednesday, it was all about bees. We had books on bees, pictures/videos on bee farming/harvesting honey, a real bee keeper’s suit with a head gear and special tools used by the beekeeper. We also learnt about pollination through a fun activity involving cheeses puffs and candy! The children were excited and happy!


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