MyndFlex is a 501(c)(3) Incorporated organization that formed in August 2010 to initiate, nurture and spread innovative and sustainable programs for Elementary School children. It was created to fulfill the enormous need in the community for affordable, high quality after-school educational programs. MyndFlex endeavors to bring out the best in each child through encouragement, and by providing opportunities to shine at structured group activities. We also use the traditional classroom approach to help children gain knowledge and master learning strategies. The founders also share a common passion for education and commitment to kids and truly believe that developing and improving self-confidence and quality of mind are vital to make students lifelong learners.


Our mission is to instill students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds with the ability to succeed at school and in life by providing academic and social support.


  • Creating sustainable programs by building a reliable funding base
  • Providing a meaningful service to the community that is both ‘heartfelt’ and grounded in reality at the same time
  • Integrating leadership and mentorship for both students and teachers
  • Expanding the range of programs by employing professional, innovative educators

Guiding Principles

  • Providing an inclusive learning environment where children are safe from physical and emotional harm.
  • Giving children a safe place to unwind after a long day at school.
  • Supporting the student’s school by providing a diverse, evidence based multi sensory curriculum.
  • Teaching children social and emotional skills is necessary for them to be come active and engaged learners.
  • All students learn and have fun in the form of hands on activities, games, experiential and collaborative tasks.
  • Myndflex believes that all children are capable of finding their inner spark with guidance and encouragement.